Give the gift of flavor! This unique 4 Mexican Seasonings Set makes a great gift for Father's Day, birthdays, and more!. Our seasonings are blended in small batches to ensure freshness. Whether it's taco night, carne asada, chicken, or shrimp fajitas these seasonings are versatile and can be used on many other dishes.

Let's not forget Fruit Seasoning (Chile Para Frutas) which is a sweet and spicy chili powder sprinkled on top of cut fruit. It is often added to food as a condiment, most commonly fruits such as watermelon, mango, oranges, papaya, and cucumbers, however, it is also known to be used to season popcorn, fruit juice, meat, and to rim drink glasses. Chile para frutas is also used occasionally as an ingredient in micheladas, a beer cocktail. The seasoning is widely available in Mexico.

This gift set includes:

✨ 7 oz Fajita Seasoning w/ Tenderizer - Sazon para Fajitas Jar

Our Fajita Seasoning is a hand-mixed, blend of herbs and spices that is perfect for your fajitas, tacos, enchiladas, and salsas. Fajita Seasoning makes a delicious marinade for skirt steak, chicken, or shrimp, but also makes a tasty seasoning salt for burgers.
Ingredients: Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Onion, Garlic, Calcium Sterate, and Papain

✨ 6 oz Chicken Fajita Seasoning Red - Rojo Sazon - Mexican Meat Market Blend Jar

Spice up any dish with this delicious fajita seasoning. It is the perfect blend of seasonings that will transform any dish into an irresistible zesty, and delicious recipe. Our custom blend of spices in our fajita seasoning will be perfect for both marinade and seasoning any choice of meat, seafood, or vegetable.
Ingredients: Salt, Monosodium Glutamate, Spices, Onion, Garlic, Calcium Sterate, and Papain

✨ 6oz Lemon Pepper Seasoning - Pimieneta con Limon Jar

Lemon and pepper are a classic seasoning combination, and this blend is good on virtually any type of fish or poultry cooked in any method from frying to baking.
Ingredients: Salt, Garlic, Lemon Peel, Onion, Spices, and Citric Acid.

✨ 5oz Fruit Seasoning - Chile Para Frutas Jar

Chile para frutas is made with a unique blend of lime, mild chili peppers, and salt that brings out the flavor of your favorite foods, fruits, and veggies.
Deluna Mexican Spice Gift Box

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